Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover

Ever since I was a child, Disney World in Orlando, Florida has been the destination of choice for my family during summer vacations.  Our visits were always filled with the Disney “magic” and all-day excitement as we traveled throughout the various parks (Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom).  Whether it was riding the rides, watching the colorful parades on Main Street, collecting character signatures in my little autograph book, or enjoying a delicious Dole Whip as it melted down my face on a hot summer day, Disney has become home to most of my fondest childhood summer memories.TomorrowLand

Because I was typically filled with excited energy all-day long, it is no wonder my parents brought us to ride the PeopleMover whenever we were in Magic Kingdom.  It provided the perfect shaded break during the no doubt exhausting day.  Although some may consider the tram to be not even worth their while and barely even a “ride”, as a little kid, I was thrilled to ride the PeopleMover.  To me, it was exciting to not only travel up to the loading platform on an escalator, but also board the ride itself.  As a continuously rotating ride, you would step onto a moving platform before entering the tram itself.  Even though this method of entering the vehicle may seem normal and even trivial to most, I thought it was a great deal of fun.  As such, I genuinely enjoyed this ride and would even look forward to it.  Yet, as a passenger, you would not simply get a elevated view of Tomorrowland but would also glimpse the inside of attractions and shops along the way. So the next time you visit Disney World, be sure to visit the PeopleMover for it may indeed be worth your while!

By Daniella Fodera


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