Fire Drill

Have you ever wondered what a fire drill looks like in a skyscraper?  Look inside Lynn Beedle’s collection, and you will find a series of photographs of a fire drill in Louisa Tower in Hong Kong, a 30 story modernist high-rise that was a fairly newly built building.  

The series shows the water system for fire fighting hoses, including portable booster pump, and the actions taken by firefighters , etc.  Beedle has notes accompanying the photographs, tracking response time and narrating the actions.  The drill included multiple fire trucks and an air lift helicopter.  The firefighters took an elevator to the 26th floor for a fire reported on the 28th floor, attaching hoses and then extending them up the stairs to the fire and to the roof.

The collection also includes a number of photographs of actual firefighting, including an extensive series of photos of a fire on North Lake Shore Drive in Chicago.

Copy of Tall Buildings4086

By Tim Morgan


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